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Breaking the Law

Judas Priest was Ever’s first favorite band I am alone with Ever on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and it’s probably safe to say that he hears different music on those evenings than he does the rest of the week. I … Continue reading

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Reading with Ever

Ever was born in March of 2011, and we made a point to start reading with him as soon as we brought him home from the hospital. At first reading with him was easy, because it didn’t matter what we … Continue reading

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Removing all files of a certain type

While working on a django project recently, I had to remove all the .pyc files before running syncdb.  These are the kinds of commands I want to know well: find . -name “*.pyc” type -f | xargs rm -f This … Continue reading

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Heart Oil Dipping Dish

I made Erin a Valentine’s Day gift using Shapeways.  One of our favorite meals is fresh bread with olive oil and brie, and a bottle of wine.  So I designed an olive oil dipping dish with a recessed heart to … Continue reading

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Why do programmers have better tools than educators?

There is a significant inefficiency in the education world, with a fairly straightforward fix. The problem is simple: every educator writes lesson plans of some kind, and almost everyone does so using word processing software. There are important, non-obvious inefficiencies … Continue reading


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Ten months of Ever pictures, from my phone

I am finally trading in my old Samsung Solstice for an iPhone, so I saved all my old phone pictures onto my computer for the first time.  Here are the highlights from the last ten months.

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A sed one-liner, from my father

I have known about sed and awk for a long time now, but I haven’t used either of them much at all. I recently got my hands on a copy of sed & awk by Dougherty and Robbins, so the … Continue reading

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