Ten months of Ever pictures, from my phone

I am finally trading in my old Samsung Solstice for an iPhone, so I saved all my old phone pictures onto my computer for the first time.  Here are the highlights from the last ten months.

Ever at the hospital

The first picture of Ever I took with my phone. There were some earlier ones with our good camera, but this is still his first day.

Ever and I

Ever and I in the hospital. I wasn't quite as tired as Erin, but I was still pretty tired.

Ever at home

This is one of Ever's first days at home. I think this is what every first-time parents' house must look like; just a regular house, but suddenly there's a brand new baby sleeping on the floor!

Ever in the carseat

This is one of Ever's first trips in the carseat. This is also one of Erin's favorite pictures from when he was really little. What a sweet face!

Ever and Mom

A quick trip out to see the ocean, in the baby bjorn.

Ever sleeping

Pretty beautiful.


Still the best omelet I've ever made.

Ever learning python

Ever spent his mornings studying programming this past summer. He got about halfway through the first book, then decided to put it back on the shelf for a few years.

Ever boppy

Boppy pillows are the greatest when there's a baby in the house.

Funny looking

We can admit it now, he was a funny looking baby once in a while.

Ever sleeping with Nanna

Ever slept on Nanna's shoulder during her visit last summer.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Waiting room

Ever in the waiting room at the doctor's office when he got sick for the first time. We felt really bad for him, but he handled it amazingly well.

Mosquito cove

Ever and I went for a walk to Mosquito Cove. He is so much fun to be out with!

South Carolina

Ever in South Carolina


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One Response to Ten months of Ever pictures, from my phone

  1. One more proof that nature can build amazing things than what we can even with the next 100 years of AI.

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