Dual-Booting Windows and Ubuntu 12.04 – Basic Installation

For programming work, we want to work in a Linux environment.  Most students need to work in a Windows environment, so we want to dual-boot in a way that lets most people continue to work in Windows on these machines.  The process is fairly simple, but we must be careful not to wipe the Windows system in this process.

  • Install Ubuntu 12.04.1, using dual-boot defaults only.  If we run into anything that requires a manual installation, we will just move on to the next laptop.
    • User Name:  StudentAdmin (capital S and A, no space)
    • username: studentadmin (all lowercase, no space)
    • password:  Ask around.  It’s not a big secret, but we don’t want to post it publicly.
    • Time Zone:  Sitka
    • Check “Install third party…”
    • All other options should be left on the default settings.

The installation should run until it is complete.  You will get a message to eject the installation disc, and restart the computer.

For now, the computer will boot into linux.  We need to change the default operating system.

  • Back up the original grub configuration.  “Grub” is the program that manages which operating system you are logging into.  Open a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-T)
    • sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.original
  • Edit the grub configuration:
    • sudo nano /etc/default/grub
    • Edit the line that reads “GRUB_DEFAULT=0”.  Change it to:
      • GRUB_DEFAULT=”Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)”
    • You can also edit the line to use the position of the Windows option in the boot list.  Windows is the 6th option in the list, and the numbering starts at 0.  So, we would change it to:
      • GRUB_DEFAULT=5
  • Update grub, to make sure the configuration change takes effect.
    • sudo update-grub

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