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Rethinking the High School Transcript: An Exercise in Data Visualization

I attended two of Idan Gazit’s talks about design at last year’s PyCon, and those talks have continued to influence my thinking in a number of ways.  I teach at a small high school in southeast Alaska, and this time … Continue reading

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Balloon Ninja: Adding a Scoreboard

Back to Tutorial Contents Making a scoreboard In the previous section we learned how to pop balloons, which involved looking for collisions between our game’s objects. In this section, we will add a scoreboard to our game. After this, we will … Continue reading


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Balloon Ninja: Popping balloons

Back to Tutorial Contents Adding a sword In the previous section we created a balloon and made it rise to the top of the screen. Let’s add a sword that the player can use to pop balloons. To do this, we … Continue reading

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An Introduction to 3d Modeling with openSCAD – openSCAD Basics

I have been introducing some of my math students to 3d modeling using the openSCAD software package.  The openSCAD documentation is really good, but can be intimidating to new users.  This is a summary of some of the basic shapes … Continue reading

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Tsunami Evacuation, January 5 2013

Last night my family experienced the biggest earthquake any of us have ever felt.  We live in Sitka, Alaska, and we were roused just before midnight by a magnitude-7.5 earthquake just over 100 miles away.  I learned how to plot … Continue reading

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