Meth in Our Community: A list of resources

What are we doing?

In one of my Life Science classes, we are looking at the issue of methamphetamine use within a community, from a scientific perspective. We have been looking at how a healthy body functions, and how meth affects an individual person. We hope to look at how meth is affecting our community, and identify specific steps we can take that will increase prevention overall, and increase access to appropriate care for recovering users. Here are some of the resources we have found useful in the first stages of our investigation.

Annotated Resources

The Meth Project

The Meth Project covers almost everything young people might want to know about meth, in a well-presented format. It is honest, but not unnecessarily in-your-face. It is a good first place to look for accurate information about how meth affects an individual, and how the sum of all the individual effects is devastating to people who are addicted. The Meth Project is maintained by the Meth Project Foundation.

Meth Timeline

Frontline, a news organization run by PBS, maintains a timeline documenting the history of the meth epidemic. The meth that is used today is different than the amphetamines that truckers and bikers used in the 1960’s, but they are related. This timeline shows how meth has evolved over the last century.

Other Resources

Illinois Attorney General’s Methnet:

Another timeline:

Alaska Meth Education Project: Process and Outcome Evaluation, 2009

Alaska Justice Forum:  Measuring and Fighting Meth Use in Alaska and the U.S.


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