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What really happened at PyCon 2013

We are hearing a lot about what happened at PyCon 2013, but most of what is being passed around tells only a tiny part of what really happened.  Here’s how PyCon went for me this year: The Educator’s Summit:  This … Continue reading

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PyCon’s Code of Conduct: The Next Step

A Brief Response to an Incident at PyCon I’ve been thinking a lot about an incident I witnessed at PyCon, which has received a fair amount of attention. On Sunday I was sitting a few rows behind Adria Richards during … Continue reading

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Lightning Talk: Abolishing the traditional high school structure

Update: You can view the actual talk on YouTube. There is much in public education that works well; more than is often reported in the current political climate.  But there is also much about education that is done poorly.  When … Continue reading

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A Gittip Milestone: $100k per year in distributions

Many people have been watching Gittip, wondering if it will grow to have a significant impact on the open source ecosystem.  Here is an interesting calculation I punched into my phone this morning: $1933.14 x 52 = $100,523.28 Gittip is … Continue reading

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Balloon Ninja: Wrapping Up

Back to Tutorial Contents Balloon Ninja on GitHub In the last section we added some kittens to the game to make it more challenging, and we cleaned up to be a true class. In this section we will post our … Continue reading

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