Ever’s First Starship

Ever has made many small ships, but this is his first larger ship that has a nice degree of symmetry, that he’d like to be able to build again. We decided to take it apart step by step, and take a picture of each step. I’ll do a more consistent job of photographing the steps next time, but I think this will serve as a functional set of instructions.

The Finished Ship



resized021 resized022


Building the Ship




resized069 resized068

resized067 resized066 resized065

resized064 resized063 resized062 resized061 resized060

resized059 resized058 resized057 resized056 resized055 resized054 resized053 resized052 resized051 resized050

resized049 resized048 resized047 resized046 resized045 resized044 resized043 resized042resized039 resized038 resized037 resized036 resized035 resized034 resized033 resized031 resized030 resized029 resized028 resized027 resized026 resized025

All done!


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Teacher, hacker, new dad, outdoor guy
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