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Gittip is About People, not Products

Why “Distributed Genius Grants” is the perfect tagline for Gittip In case you haven’t heard, Gittip is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to make anonymous, recurring donations to people whose work you value. The tagline for Gittip recently changed from … Continue reading

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How Open Can a School Be?

Applying Gittip’s “Open Company” concept to public schools Chad Whitacre, founder of Gittip, has made a name for himself recently through his commitment to running Gittip as an “open company“.  Gittip is a platform that allows people to support each … Continue reading

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A Gittip Milestone: $100k per year in distributions

Many people have been watching Gittip, wondering if it will grow to have a significant impact on the open source ecosystem.  Here is an interesting calculation I punched into my phone this morning: $1933.14 x 52 = $100,523.28 Gittip is … Continue reading

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Why I want to see Gittip succeed

Gittip is an important project, for many reasons.  In case you are unfamiliar with it, Gittip is a modern take on the patronage system.  If you like the work someone is doing, you can decide how much you want to … Continue reading

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